How can I withdraw money from my TNG wallet at Exchange Store?

If you are VIP or SVIP member, you can:

1) Press "Cash-Out" below TNG balance
2) Tap the "HK Flag" icon and choose HKD
3) Enter the withdrawal amount (at least HKD100 or in multiples of HKD 100)
4) Select "Pick-up Cash at Local Outlets" and the collection store
5) Confirm the transaction details and press the green tick at bottom right to confirm
6) Enter Transaction PIN to submit the instruction

You have to present the QR code and collect the cash at the selected collection store. To find the QR code, press the "My" icon at the landing page and choose "Cash Pick-up Code".

An admin fee which accounts for 1% of the total amount will be charged.
For VIP, the Annual Transaction Limit of HKD8,000 is shared by Local Cash Withdrawal and Purchase Foreign Currency.
For SVIP, the daily local cash withdrawal limit is HKD50,000, weekly local cash withdrawal limit is HK$100,000.

You can also cancel the cash withdrawal request (Tap the "My" icon, select "Cash Pick-up Code" and then select your Pick-up order and press "Cancel Order"). Please note that the charged admin fee of 1% will not be refunded.

Last updated 1:59:02 PM 20/01/2019 HKT