How can I withdraw money from my TNG Wallet at convenience stores?

For VIP+ and SVIP+ members, you can withdraw cash at convenience stores:
1) Purchase at least 1 item with every cash withdrawal
2) Press "Cash-Out" below TNG balance
3) Input the amount
4) Select "Pick up Cash at 7-Eleven / Circle K"
5) Input your Transaction PIN or use Touch ID
6) Inform the staff of the withdrawal amount and show the QR code for scanning
You will receive a confirmation screen with all the transaction details and reference number once it is completed.
For VIP+ members, the annual transaction limit of HK$8,000 is jointly shared by "Local Cash Withdrawal" and "Purchase Foreign Currency".
For SVIP+ members, the daily local cash withdrawal limit is HK$30,000 and the weekly local cash withdrawal limit is HK$50,000.
* Minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is HK$100.
** Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction is HK$500.
*** Withdrawal amount per transaction must be in the multiples of HK$100.

Last updated 12:43:24 PM 3/01/2023 HKT