How to Submit Supplementary Information?

Sometimes, we need a bit more information about your receiver before we can conduct a follow-up of your remittance and make sure your receiver can successfully collect your remittance.

If we happen to ask you for supplementary information, please submit it via TNG Wallet as soon as possible:

1) Tap the "My" icon near the bottom right corner
2) Select "Transaction History"
3) Choose the message "Supplementary Information"
4) Click the button "Submit Supplementary Information"
5) Enter the necessary information such as receiver's full name, gender, date of birth, job and residential address
6) Confirm the information and enter your Transaction PIN or use Touch ID to complete

You should submit the supplementary information of the receiver within 24 hours, or your remittance will be cancelled. If your remittance is cancelled, the sum including the admin fee will be returned to your TNG Wallet directly.

Last updated 10:14:29 AM 14/07/2018 HKT