Important Notice

Please be advised that there is a delay in processing your global transfer due to a high volume of transactions since 06:40PM 17-Apr(Wed). The estimated resume time would be around 05:00PM 19-Apr(Fri). Kindly allow some time before submitting. Your patience is highly appreciated.

How Can I Remit Money To My Friends?

Instructions of remitting money to families or friends:

1) Tap the "Pay" icon at the bottom left corner and then select "Transfer Money", or the short-cut key "Global Remittance" at the landing page
2) Select "Other Friends"
3) Tap "Other Currency" to choose the currency
4) Enter the amount and press the green tick at bottom right to confirm
5) Choose "Pick up Cash Overseas" or "Transfer to Overseas Bank"
6) Enter the remittance information and press the green tick at bottom right to confirm
7) Review and confirm remittance instruction details
8) Enter Transaction PIN or use Touch ID to submit the instruction

The actual transaction process time is subject to beneficiary bank.
For further details, please visit:

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