How Can I Remit Money To My Friends?

Step 1: Input Receiver Mobile No. (for first time Receiver) OR Choose from the saved Remittance Profile


Step 2: Select Remittance Method from Bank Transfer or Cash Pick-Up


Step 3: Input Remittance Amount

-  Today's Available Remittance Balance; 
-  Annual Transaction Limit for VIP Member, HK$ 100,000.00 per annum

Step 4: Fill In Receiver Personal Information

-  Receiver Nationality; usually, this is the same where you come from  
-  Relationship with Receiver; e.g. ‘Father & Mother’ for your dad, mom; 'Kids / Boys & Girls' for your baby, kids, boys or girls
-  Purpose of Remittance; Pick ‘Self Transfer’ if you send money back to your own bank account
Tip 1: (Bank Transfer) Ensure Bank Account No. matching with Bank Account Holder's Name
Tip 2: (Cash Pick-Up at POS Indonesia) If Receiver KTP shows a different Province, a second ID may be required by Operator, e.g. Passport / Driving License

Step 5: Review and confirm Remittance Instruction detail

Tip 1: Remember to check every detail clearly before going next.


Step 6: Enter Transaction PIN to submit Remittance Instruction


Step 7: GO BACK TNG Wallet and Check Transaction History

-  If you see Supplementary Information request, click into the message and provide the required information. Learn More

Step 8: Once Remittance is approved, find detail inside Transaction History for both Cash Pick-Up or Bank Transfer

-  Cash Pick-Up Payout ID (GREEN Colour) is inside the Approved Message

Step 8.1: Notification will be sent when Receiver claims / collects money at Cash Pick-Up Point


Last updated 6:35:49 PM 27/10/2017 HKT