Required documents for SVIP?

The eligible proofs are the following:
Income Proof
1) Bank statement/passbook; or
2) Latest tax demand note; or
3) Salary slip 
Remark 1:  Salary slip 'or' bank statement/ passbook showing your name, account number and salary entries issued in last 30 days
Remark 2: For irregular income earners, your latest 3 months' records are required.
Asset Proof (If income proof is not available (e.g. housewives, students, retirees & currently not employed, etc.), please submit Asset Proof.)
1) Bank statement/passbook; or
2) Deposit receipt; or
3) Certificate which shows Total Net Asset Value issued by banks within latest 3 months
Employment Proof (If you are a new hire without income proof yet, please provide your Employment Proof. )
1) Working visa; or
2) Employment contract*; or
3) Employment letter**
*Employment contract must show employment period on company letterhead.
**Employment letter must show employer/ business name, job title/ occupation, office address, office phone number and monthly income.

Last updated 10:47:34 AM 23/01/2020 HKT