Important Notice

Dear TNG Wallet user, Thank you for your support to TNG Wallet.In March 2020, TNG introduced new inactive account service fee aiming at encouraging users to use their TNG Wallet accounts and keep it active. Since the implementation of the new fee scheme, we received a number of enquiries and valuable suggestions from our users. TNG highly appreciate the constructive comments from our users.

How to change the default receiving account for FPS?

When you register FPS via TNG Wallet, your TNG account will be automatically become the default receiving account.

If you have used another bank/ e-wallet as default account and would like to use TNG as your default receiving account now, please follow the steps below:

1) Tap "My" > "My Account"
2) Choose "Manage FPS Settings"
3) Tap "Favorite TNG"

Once completed your TNG wallet will become the default receiving account for FPS.

Last updated 3:55:34 PM 29/09/2018 HKT