How to purchase or pay with Merchant Dollars?

Instructions for purchasing merchant dollars:

1) Tap the "Market" icon at the bottom right corner
2) Choose "Merchant Dollar"
3) Tap the "Buy" button and choose the merchant dollar that you want to buy
4) Enter the amount and press the green tick at bottom right to continue
5) Confirm the details and enter your Transaction PIN or use Touch ID to complete

After the transaction has been completed, you can instantly use the merchant dollars ("Market" > "Merchant Dollar" > tap the "Purchased" button).
* Once Merchant Dollar is successfully purchased, it is non-refundable and can only be consumed at the corresponding merchants.

The merchant dollars will also be automatically consumed during payment. If there is insufficient merchant dollars, the remaining amount will be deducted from your TNG balance.

Last updated 4:13:33 PM 8/07/2018 HKT