Important Notice

Dear TNG Wallet user, Thank you for your support to TNG Wallet.In March 2020, TNG introduced new inactive account service fee aiming at encouraging users to use their TNG Wallet accounts and keep it active. Since the implementation of the new fee scheme, we received a number of enquiries and valuable suggestions from our users. TNG highly appreciate the constructive comments from our users.

What is the maximum amount that I can top up into my TNG Mastercard?

As the balance in your TNG Mastercard is based on your TNG Wallet, the maximum amount that you can top up to your TNG Mastercard is based on the max store value applied to TNG SVIP (HKD 100,000). Please note that the maximum per cash top-up is HKD 5,000 and aggregate cash top-up HKD 20,000 per month.

Last updated 12:17:57 PM 31/10/2019 HKT